DBI Fari Kandu

Nowhere on earth is the sea as captivating as it is here, lapping at the shores of The Ritz-Carlton Maldives, Fari Islands. The breathtaking waters of the Indian Ocean surrounding this pristine island offer endless opportunities to discover and explore a magnificent underwater world that lies beneath the glittering surface. This environment is rich in marine life, waiting for you to discover the underwater world.

Dive Butler Fari Kandu is the epicenter for a wide selection of water-based activities including remarkable Excursions, an incredible Marine Biology programme, adrenaline fueled Water Sports, dazzling Diving and private Boat Charters enabling you to enjoy the endless shades of blue surrounding The Ritz-Carlton Maldives. The Dive Centre comprises a water focused Retail shop alongside GoPro rental, so that you may take your perfect aquatic holiday memories back home with you. Whether you prefer to stay above the waterline or plunge into the deep blue, we offer a range of facilities and excursions under a collective roof for your convenience.

Each and every one of our marine related pursuits has been verified and approved by our resident Marine Biologist, helping to ensure that we protect and preserve this fragile environment for years to come. What’s more, our experienced Marine Biology team has crafted a series of tailored experiences allowing you to participate in a number of unique and rewarding conservation projects. Combining knowledge and understanding with a hands-on approach, these activities make way for a richer and more fulfilling experience.

Further details can be found on the Marine Biology pages


All of our experiences, trips and activities can also be tailored for private excursions. Options for personalising every excursion are included beneath each experience summary.

At Dive Butler Fari Kandu, we aim to make the most extraordinary requests a reality – there’s truly no limit to the type of excursion you can dream up. Let your mind run wild; if it’s possible, we’re committed to making it happen. Imagine, for instance, you crave a close encounter with the Whale Sharks of South Ari: a private chartered seaplane will be at your disposal and, upon your arrival in South Ari, a crewed speedboat will be on hand to seek out these gentle giants. Or perhaps you’d like to spend the day snorkelling, fishing or sailing into the sunset with a glass of champagne as dolphins play in your wake – it’s all possible.

Any of the excursions available can be combined to create your own personal experience, completely customised to suit your desires. Whatever you want, however you want, whenever you want: inquire at the Dive Centre to turn your dream into a bespoke experience, and let us assist you with planning and choosing a boat.